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Rapid Fat Loss Protocol of Scipio Traini...

One of my methods for losing fat. Also I explain why I prefer to do a rapid fat loss instead of the

Fat Loss: The Scipio Approach

my approach to fat loss , really simple , really efficient, , scientific based , stop complicating t

Intensity and Effort

The first of several videos when i expose what is intensity and what is effort , and how to use them

Recovery Advice

how to improve your sleep routine for keeping performance in the gym and a few tips on how to achiev

Advantages of properly timing your carbs

keeping carb intake around certain times can help with pre workout nutrient delivery for better perf

Nutrition Basics #1 - General Setup and ...

A small talk about how to start a nutritional program with any complications, just common sense!

Leg Day.... and triceps too!!!!

messing around with a high rep high intensity leg training for depleting the muscle glycogen , all o

Chest / Biceps / Calves Video

Another day in the dungeon this time a chest and biceps workout , with some calves work at the end S

Chest and Back Video is Live!

chest and back session with Matty B, keeping it simple intense and hardcore, all recorded real time

New Video! Back and Shoulders!

one of my earliest workouts of the year , formy prep for the branch warren classic, nothing fancy ju